angels investors <> startups

honestly, this experiment scratches my own itch as both a founder and potential angel investor.

as a founder, i want unique value-add investors on my cap sheet. i don't care how much they invest, i just care that they have some skin in the game. alignment matters.

as a potential angel investor, i'm not yet in a position to write numerous $25k+ cheques in early stage co's. i wish i was. but, i can invest <$10k in a handful of interesting co's that i think i can materially impact.

who precisely is this for?

angel investors

  • you can only invest between $2.5k to $10k per deal.
  • you are a current (or ex) founder, operator, engineer or marketer.
  • you're really good at what you do.
  • you want skin in the game.


  • you are an early-stage aussie startup.
  • you're looking to raise a small amount of money. probably less than $500k.
  • you have an mvp with a few customers. maybe they're paying you.
  • you want value-add investors who have skin in the game.

how does it work?

it's simple and free:

👼 angel investors apply here.

🚀 startups apply here.