• head of product at scarlett madz capital [deal origination technology, m&a advisory services and direct investment]
  • co-founder at airfluence [technology platform for custom content creation and product imagery]
  • bd at tilt [acquired by Airbnb]
  • b.eng biomedical (electrical) hons

some books, podcasts, blogs

  • the shortest history of china - linda jaivin (book)
  • the silk roads - peter frankopan (book)
  • skin in the game: hidden asymmetries in daily life (book)
  • inspired: how to create tech products customers love (book)
  • the intelligent investor: the definitive book on value investing (book)
  • the little book of valuation (book)
  • high output management (book)
  • anti-fragile: things that gain from disorder (book)
  • finding product market fit by john damer (blog)
  • modest privacy protection proposal (blog)
  • foundation podcast by kevin rose (youtube)
  • this week in startups - chris sacca episode (youtube)
  • how we put facebook on the path to 1 billion users - chamath (youtube)
  • how to talk to users - eric migicovsky (youtube
  • the third wave - steve case (book)